Saint Francis, WI

Bangkok House Restaurant

4698 S Whitnall Ave
Saint Francis, WI 53235

The folks at Bangkok House Restaurant feature a great, high blend of quality, authentic, Thai cuisine and a wonderful warm hospitality in a wonderfully sophisticated and yet traditional setting. They have many intensely flavored, highly creative dishes that are prepared wrom always fresh ingredients and premium spices and herbs that have been imported directly from Thailand. If you are a fan of Thai food then you will love Bangkok House Restaurant.

Swayz Mexican Grill

4048 S Packard Ave
Saint Francis, WI 53235

If you are looking for some wonderful, authentic Mexican food then you need look no further than Swayz Mexican Grill on South Packard Avenue. The atmosphere is always simply remarkably festive,t he servers are always treating each and every customer who walks through the doors, and the food is always simply wonderful. They have all of your favorite traditional Mexican meals such as tamales, tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and so on and so forth. Swayz Mexican Grill is fantastic.

42 Ale House

3807 S Packard Ave
Saint Francis, WI 53235

42 Ale House is one of the most loved places in the Saint Francis area to grab some drinks and some great bar food, and for good reasons. They are a wonderfully geeky pub that offers simple food that has been done well, such as home made pizza crusts, to burgers that are always thick and juicy, and sausage that has been ground in house. They also have a great wide selection of drafts and bottles that range from exotic craft brews to home town favorites. They have a great number of tap lines for your enjoyment.


3074 E Layton Ave
Saint Francis, WI 53235

If you have a taste for Italian food in the Saint Francis area then you will absolutely love Saraphino's on East Layton Avenue. They offer some simply wonderful, authentic Italian food that has always simply been delicious. They have all of your traditional favorites such as spaghetti with meatballs, fettucini alfredo, and even some delicious unique creations that you have never even tried before. Saraphino's is the place to go for some delicious, authentic Italian food in the Saint Francis area.


2000 E Cora Ave
Saint Francis, WI 53235

Gordie's is often considered to be one of the best dive bars in all of the Siant Francis area. It is right in the heart of the area and is a frequent spot for many of the residents in the community. They are a family owned and operated bar with decor that changes with each holiday. They feature an old style jukebox filled with great songs and albums from the 70's, 80's, and 90's! The prices are incredibly reasonable and they even offer complimentary pretzels and peanuts! Gordie's is incredibly homey and you will be sure to love it.

Buddy Squirrel

1801 E Bolivar Ave
Saint Francis, WI 53235

Buddy Squirrel is one of the most delicious and amazing places to grab some delectable desserts in the Saint Francis area. They have all sorts of different, amazing desserts that you will have no problem finding one that you simply love. Taking the family here is always an exciting treat for everybody. They have quality candy, delicious chocolate dipped strawberries, amazing popcorn and chocolates, and some absolutely delicious cakes and pies that you simply must try! If you're going to enjoy a great dessert then we strongly suggest you head to Buddy Squirrel on East Bolivar Avenue!